“One Chance” with Doris Day

“A project like Apollo has only one chance or take. Where we have as many opportunities as we have film in the camera.”

Spacecraft Propulsion and Power

“From abstract theory to final developmental testing, the Manned Spacecraft Center’s specialists in propulsion and power bring to their work a thorough knowledge of the state of the art and the ingenuity needed to unlock new applications of energy.”

The Apollo Spacecraft: Status Report No. 2

“The successful completion of the first Apollo/Saturn mission was one of the most important accomplishments to date in the development of manned lunar mission capability.”

Apollo 4: First of the Big Shots

“1967: A year of mini skirts, of global conflict, of tragedy and triumph, the year of Apollo 4, the first of the big shots.”

Apollo 4 Special

“What you are watching now is the separation and jettison of the aft inner stage, recorded on what has to be considered some of the most sensationally beautiful film footage ever taken.”

Manned Space Flight Quarterly Report No. 21, April-June 1968

“We are not only closing on the goal of manned flight to the Moon but on the broader goal of space flights of immediate benefit to all of us on Earth. And therein is the ultimate aim of our pursuit of knowledge in manned spaceflight.”

Apollo Lunar Mission

“The moment we have waited for comes. Two Americans stand alone on the unexplored plains of the Moon, surrounded by the silence of billions of years. What will they say?”

Apollo 7: First Manned Flight

“I was very proud of all the people who built such a beautiful spacecraft, those who checked it out, and those who designed it.” – Dr. Robert Gilruth, Director, Manned Spacecraft Center

Intravehicular Activity

“Under the conditions we found in Apollo 7, the state of being weightless actually enhanced many of our abilities. It was almost as if we had found a new freedom.”

Apollo 8: Go for TLI

“Apollo 8 glided on silently, farther from the Earth than man had ever before been, a microscopic dot of life in the cosmic void.”

Manned Spacecraft Center Progress Report, July-December 1968

“From the six manned flights of the Mercury program through the ten manned missions of Gemini, the development of manned spaceflight in the United States had proceeded with an elegant logic to the threshold of manned Apollo missions in the second half of the year 1968.”

Apollo 9: Three to Make Ready

“Now McDivitt put on a virtuoso performance playing the throttle of the Lunar Module, each variation of thrust a note in a technological symphony.”

The Lunar Landing

“While all other phases of the lunar mission can be demonstrated in Earth or lunar orbit, the manned lunar landing can be demonstrated only by its accomplishment.”

Manned Space Flight Quarterly Report No. 26, July-September 1969

“As Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder to a new—yet incredibly old—world, over 400,000 men and women symbolically descended with him. The men and women in government service, in industrial complexes, and in a network of universities who had made this incredible feat a reality.”

Launch of Apollo 14

Home movie footage of the Apollo 14 launch from Kennedy Space Center with Buzz Aldrin in attendance