Apollo 7

Apollo 7
Crew: Walter Schirra (Commander), Donn Eisele (Command Module Pilot), Walter Cunningham (Lunar Module Pilot)

Command and Service Module: CSM-101
Lunar Module: N/A
Launch Vehicle: Saturn 1B, AS-205
Launch Date: October 11, 1968, 11:02 am EST
Launch site: Cape Kennedy, Pad 34
Landing Date: October 22, 1968, 7:11 am EST
Landing Site: North Atlantic Ocean
Mission Duration: 10 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes
Primary Mission: Demonstrate Command and Service Module, or CSM, and crew performance; demonstrate crew, space vehicle, and mission-support facilities performance during a crewed CSM mission; and demonstrate CMS rendezvous capability.
Mission Highlights: Not only was the Apollo 7 mission the first manned Apollo mission since Apollo 1 twenty-one months earlier, but it was also aboard the Apollo 7 spacecraft that the first television transmission from space was broadcast to the public.

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