Apollo 8

Apollo 8
Crew: Frank Borman (Commander), James Lovell (Command Module Pilot), William Anders (Lunar Module Pilot)

Command and Service Module: CSM-103
Lunar Module: N/A
Launch Vehicle: Saturn V, AS-503
Launch Date: December 21, 1968, 7:51 am EST
Launch site: Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39A
Landing Date: December 27, 1968, 10:52 am EST
Landing Site: Pacific Ocean
Mission Duration: 6 days, 3 hours, 1 minute
Primary Mission Objectives: Translunar injection, testing navigation, and mid-course corrections
Mission Highlights: Apollo 8’s notable achievements included putting humans in orbit around the Moon for the first time, taking humans closer to the Moon and farther from the Earth than ever before, and recording the fastest speed humans had ever traveled (25,000 mph upon reentry).

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