Apollo 9

Apollo 9
Crew: James McDivitt (Commander), David Scott (Command Module Pilot), Russell Schweickart (Lunar Module Pilot)

Lunar Module: LM-3, “Spider”
Command and Service Module: CMS -104, “Gumdrop”
Launch Vehicle: Saturn V, SA-504
Launch Date: March 3, 1969
Launch site: Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39A
Landing Date: March 13, 1969
Landing Site: North Atlantic Ocean
Mission Duration: 10 days, 1 hour
Primary Mission Objectives: Docking and undocking tests of Command and Service Module (CSM) to Lunar Module (LM), extravehicular activity to test untethered life support of the space suit, flight test of the LM
Mission Highlights: Apollo 9 was the first test flight of the entire Apollo spacecraft that included the Lunar Module and the first free flight of the Lunar Module in space. Apollo 9 never left Earth orbit. The Apollo 9 mission also had the distinction of being the first time the crew was allowed to name the CSM and LM.

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