Launch Complex 37

Launch Complex 37, Cape Kennedy Air Force Station
Cape Kennedy, Florida

Launch Complex 37 (LC-37) was a NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station—known as Cape Kennedy Air Force Station from 1963 to 1973—used for Project Apollo. (The site actually consists of two launch pads, LC-37A and LC-37B. LC-37A has never been used.) From 1964 to 1968, LC-37 successfully launched six Saturn I and two Saturn IB rockets on unmanned space missions, concluding with Apollo 5. NASA deactivated the complex in 1969 and returned it to the Air Force in 1973. LC-37 remained dormant until the 1990s, when the Spaceport Florida Authority began construction on a Horizontal Integration Facility for the assembly of rockets. In 2001, the United Launch Alliance began using the site, now known as Space Launch Complex 37, to deploy the Delta IV launch system.

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