Apollo 10

Apollo 10
Crew: Thomas Stafford (Commander), John Young (Command Module Pilot), Eugene Cernan (Lunar Module Pilot)

Command and Service Module: CSM -106, “Charlie Brown”
Lunar Module: LM-4, “Snoopy”
Launch Vehicle: Saturn V, SA-505
Launch Date: May 18, 1969
Launch site: Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39B
Landing Date: May 26, 1969
Landing Site: Pacific Ocean
Mission Duration: 8 days, 23 minutes
Primary Mission Objectives: Lunar orbit of Lunar Module (LM), descent of LM to 9 miles from the lunar surface, rendezvous and docking of LM and Command and Service Module, and refine data related to these activities
Mission Highlights: Apollo 10 was considered a “dress rehearsal” for landing on the Moon and included all of the aspects of a lunar mission except the landing. The LM made two passes over the Sea of Tranquility, the selected landing spot for Apollo 11, where the landing radar was tested. This mission included three live, color TV transmissions from the crew, one of which featured the first ever color TV images of the Moon.

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